Poor CV example 4

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cv examples page
cv examples page

Poor CV example 4 : The Functional Overkill CV
The curse of 'professional CV' writing style

This more talkative CV style is a shallow illusion of communication that fools no one. It invariably contains horrific headings like PROFILE and OBJECTIVE, ACHIEVEMENTS and KEY SKILLS, naïve attempts to say something that end up looking childish.

The CV we use in this example is based on one that cost the client over £300 from a very well-known online CV writing agency. It has been created without due thought and it totally fails to do justice to life's subtle complexities and the real professional values this candidate has to offer. Any recruiter would spot it for a put-up job.

A decent DIY would have been a thousand times better, had they known how to do it properly. This is the first website in the world that is dedicated to showing you how.

Example Poor CV - Page 1:

 example layout only

Example Poor CV - Page 2:

 example layout only


The Grown Up CV for Professional People

The fifth example in The CV Masterclass online course is the conceptual and design process we want to share with you. It shows you a career that has been mangled in these four mediocre versions given a whole new purpose by some very subtle layers of information architecture, clearly set out to inspire your own creativity.
cv examples page
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